The Tufnel Modern Media Cabinet

When a customer came to us last year, there were only a few requests for this cabinet: Be low, disappear into the dark of a home theater and be dramatic when visible.

It’s hard to find a darker wood than wenge. And there are few species that fit the bill for drama quite as well. Thus was born “The Tufnel…”

The main cabinetry was built of 12-ply baltic birch and hard maple, before being finished with satin black pigmented lacquer to really up the “stealthiness.” The floating wenge top hides vents for electronic equipment and the center of the cabinet features a divided center panel that allows all cable access to be gained from below, preserving a clean look on all side should the cabinet ever be placed off a wall.

Solid Wenge Legs and Top

Dramatic tapered legs form the support for cabinet. Rabbeted and eased at the intersection it helps evoke a feeling that the entire cabinet is floating together in tight formation, giving the illusion that things are almost touching, but not quite.

This is capped off by the “floating” wenge top (despite being directly bolted to cabinet for maximum strength of connection.

The final touch comes in the form of custom fabricated wenge touchplats inlaid into the cabinet doors, allowing operation of the push-to-open hardware that lends the entire cabinet front a clean, sleep appearance. Truly, it can be “none more black.”

Dimensions: 60″ wide x 24″ deep x 24″ high