The Osprey Floating Bench

Built to complement our Egret floating table, the Osprey bench is built from commercially sourced mahogany and reclaimed birch.  (The birch was actually once part of a painted bookcase in a mid-50’s ere school in Lakewood, NJ.  Is was demolished and headed for the dumpster when a good friend of ours rescued it for us.)

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The Osprey draws on both mid-century furniture and Asian architecture for its aesthetic inspiration, but uses a mixture of joinery techniques, both modern and traditional, to bring together the curved lines that form the frame of the piece.

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Half lap joined cross pieces below help give the illusion of the floating top, with never touches the frame from anywhere but below.  While the wood selection is different, the design elements are meant to complement our established Egret table.


Finished with a grain-highlighting oil/varnish blend, the bench never loses it’s organic, wooden feel, making it as enjoyable to touch as it is to view.

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The Osprey is currently available for purchase.