The “Berkeley” Awards Display Rack

af002-img_4127It’s not all chairs, tables and built-ins you know.  Sometimes the Shy Dogs and I get really custom requests.  And as long as they’re made out of (mostly) wood, we’re very happy to help with almost anything!

A few weeks ago, a fellow member of the Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club (a group with whom I sometimes swim or ride) contacted us looking for something better than the awards displays offered by online retailers.

The result is the “Berkeley Awards Display.”  Simple, but with a few touches to show off the wood and joinery.  The base is made from maple with a slight bevel all the way around to give the display some shape while the hooks and shelf are made from an African mahogany (sapele) and joined to the base with long, sliding dovetails.   Mounting holes are drilled 16″ on center to allow the display to be hung on almost any wall.


On these versions, there are ten medal hooks and a 20″ shelf for holding trophies, but we’ve also got designs in the works for larger displays (you know, for those folks we see at races EVERY weekend!)

The finish on this particular model is a shop mixed, hand-rubbed shellac, but the beauty of going custom means that these can be built woods and finishes to match almost anyone’s style!  Pair with your cherry floors or hang next to your white oak dresser.   The “Berkeley” can be made to feel right at home!