“Daily Driver” Guitar Cabinet


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Back in my younger years I would routinely play with a band using a 4×12 and head or a super loud 3×10 combo. But playing at home those can get a little “obtrusive” with the family around. And even the modest little combo I had still looked like road gear and I do like to keep our house looking as little like a gig as possible for my own sanity.

So, I set about developing a small cabinet that would be at home in a high end living room, while still delivering useable/giggable sound. What I ended up with was a cabinet that looked great, but also delivered a sound that was unlike any I’ve owned or used over decades as a guitar player.

With very rare exceptions, even the highest end modern cabinets are going to be crafted from some form of manufactured wood. (Plywood or particle board) It’s economical, stable, lends itself to CNC manufacturing, etc etc. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. These cabinets can sound fantastic

But the density of quality plywood imparts a lot of weight while limiting harmonic resonances. In contrast, these hardwood cabinets (besides looking great) impart a fullness to the sound in room that is simply in incomparable to plywood cabs, all things being equal.

Each of these cabinets is made-to-order by hand on the NJ coast.  The variable back plate geometry allows for a fully sealed cabinet or three different versions of an open back design. The dovetail joinery and internal sealing make for an exceptionally tight cabinet that finished with the same nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat you only find on high end custom guitars.   A bolted on leather handle and “Strat-style” input jack from automatic strain relief are just a few of the details that take these custom cabinets beyond even the most expensive mass market offerings.

Our standard driver for these are 8 ohm Celestion Greenbacks of G12Hs, but they may also be purchased empty or with a driver of your own spec.  Just let ask!


Custom wood, finish and geometries are also available!  Message us here or via email. (will@shydogdesigns.com)

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Solid Maple, Solid Sapele (Mahogany, Solid Black Limba (Korina)


No Driver (Cabinet Only), Celestion Greenback, Celestion G12H, Custom Spec