The “Odin” Table

The “Odin” is made to outlast the builder.

There’s nothing quite like a classic, stout farmhouse table.  The kind a family gathers around for a big meal, to play a board game or finish homework.  They’re built to live with a family, to be a centerpiece where memories are made.

We get a lot of inquiries for tables just like this and they’re absolutely some of the most satisfying pieces we get to deliver.

Unfortunately, thick hardwoods and massive bases are pricey.  And heavy.  And did we  mention pricey?  But we designed the “Odin” modern farmhouse table to change that.  It’s made of solid oak but with a combination specifically milled boards to lower both cost and mass, without changing the look at all.

2″ thick stock at the perimeter for visual effect, 1″ thick at the center to help with cost and weight.

The example shown here is from our personal dining room.  It’s built of nothing but solid red oak, stained, toned with a dye-infused shellac and finished with 5 coats of a water-based semi-glass top coat for an incredibly durable finish that still shows the beauty of the wood beneath.

Spraying multiple coats for durability

The legs of the Odin are custom fabricated steel to give the table a solid, industrial base that is easily removed for transport or storage.  They may be powder coated in  a variety of colors, but for this particular table we went with a simple satin clear coat over the raw welds.

Custom steel legs with recessed hardware

Another feature we’ve incorporated is distressing.  As much as I love a flawless piece of furniture, there is something immediately inviting about a table that’s a worn-in.  Without going over the top, we give the table a few lived-in dings and bruises that give it a sense of character without being contrived.

Sample of distressing


Of course, despite the accessible price, the Odin still relies on the exact same joinery techniques we use in all of our custom pieces.  Breadboard ends (pieces that run perpendicular to the main section of the table) are installed to keep the table flat through seasonal changes.  They’re attached with drawbored dowels through loose tenons and no glue, allowing for wood movement and preventing cracks in the top.  Legs are attached with inset nuts and can assembled on site in minutes with nothing more than an allen wrench.

Breadboard ends are attached with drawnbored dowels for maximum strength while still allowing for seasonal wood movement.

With prices starting as low as $2399, the Odin is modern farmhouse table that can stay in your family for generations.

The “Odin”