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The “Egret” Coffee Table

With the wind still chilly and snow on the ground, we were inspired by a few pieces of curly maple we had up on the lumber racks and developed this 40″ x 18″ coffee table to showcase the beautiful grain than can be produced by the humble maple tree.

Believe it or not, there is no consensus on what actually causes the deep, wavy figuring that gives curly or “tiger” maple it’s distinct appearance, but – whatever the cause – it would be a shame not to showcase the gorgeous figure in some form or another.

Our “Egret” table was a piece that was actually designed completely in a 3D computer rendering program.  Size, joints and wood species were all done “virtually” while the lumber was still rough sawn.  In this sense, our final product was also our prototype.

The Egret draws heavily on the “Mid-Century Modern” style with its angular tapering legs and floating top, but also incorporates a few more traditional joints like the wedged thru-tenons that emerge both at the ends of the base and through the top itself.  These are a beautiful source of strength for the table and nicely highlight the contrasting woods that form the base (walnut) and top (the aforementioned curly maple.)

To highlight the depth of the maple figure while maintaining a touchable and inviting texture, the entire table was finished with 8 coats of a proprietary oil and varnish blend that brings out all the details of the wood itself while still being incredibly inviting to touch.

The Egret was not a commission piece.  At our most inspired, we strive to create pieces that deserve to exist in their own right, and trust they will eventually find their way to a home with a suitable aesthetic and appreciation for both wood and designs.  The “Egret” is one-of-a-kind and currently resides in the Shy Dog Collection.  It is available for purchas. Please contact us for pricing and delivery.