Custom Longboard Deposit




Custom Longboard Skateboards

(Current pricing is intro only and will not last long!  If you’re interested please contact us right away!)

Each board made to order by hand with nearly unlimited custom options.  From basic single stringer decks all the way up to multi-curve thru laminations, shaped rails, variable wheelbases, cutlaps, tail blocks… dream it up and  we’ll try to find a way.

Our current shapes are all inspired by classic boards from both coasts.

Our longest, the “Fryed Chicken,” is based on the ultimate San Diego glider.  The base model is a triple-stringer maple deck and pairs nicely with 165mm trucks and cruiser wheels.  We like it with knife-y hand planed rails for the surf style.

Next down, slightly wider and slightly shorter is the “Summer’s End,” inspired by Robert August, possibly the world’s most seen longboarder.  The base model is single stringer maple deck. We like it’s long wheelbase on wider trucks for long carves along the water.

In the mid-range is the “Thoreaully Magic.”  An eggy shaped that recalls the shapes coming out of Ventura, CA.  Shorter wheelbase for a little more maneuvering.  Fun with regular reverse kingpin trucks or extra surfy Gullwing Sidewinders.  The base model is a single stringer mahogany deck.

The shortest board on offer is our “Fish Stew”  Shorter and wider just like your typical fish board.  The base model is a maple or cherry stringerless design and we really like how it pairs with Gullwing Sidewinders for dive-y surf feel.

All boards coated in transparent Lucid Grip light unless otherwise specified.


Boards are priced at a base starting price.  Contact us directly for custom modifications, mixing and matching components, etc.  We offer a custom board deposit that’s completely refundable until we start building yours.

Complete board pricing is based on trucks wheel and bearings.

Basic – Standard Urethane Wheels, Gullwing Charger Trucks, Modus Black bearings

Standard – Wheels a la Sector 9 or Lucicd, Black/Silver Paris V3 or Caliber Trucks , Abec-7  Bearings

Premium – Wheels a la Powell Peralta or Mini Logo, Paris or Caliber Anodized Trucks or Gullwing Sidewinders, Premium Bones Bearings